Friday, March 24, 2006

Albums: rated G(Good), A(Average) and P(Poor)
Queen 2-A
A night at the opera(2 copies) P and G
The Game-A
Greatest hits-G
Sheer heart attack-P
A day at the races-A

Gracve under pressure(2 copies) G and A
A show of hands-G
Exit stage left(2 copies)-G, VG
Caress of steel-G
A farewell to Kings-G
Moving Pictures(collectors) -G
Power windoes-G
Hold your fire-G

Dirty deeds-A
Blow up your video-G
Back in black-G

Mellencamp Scarecrow-G
Mellencamp Jubilee-G
Toronto :Head on-G, Get it on credit-G, Greatest hits-G
The cult Electric(with born to be wild)-G
Cheap trick self titled-G
Clapton Journeyman-G
VH2-G, 1984-A,
Def Lappard Hysteria-G, Pyromania-G
Styx crystal ball-A,Equinox-G/P,Pieces of Eight-G
Kim Mitchell (5 song mini-awesome)-G,Shakin like a human being-G
April Wine Harder Faster-G,
Star Wars-A
Gene Loves Jezebel(early black crowes)-G
Gord Lightfoot Summertime dream(wreck of the EF)-G
Chilliwack Lights from the Valley-G,Breakdown in paradise-G,
Robert Plant Now and Zen-G
Steve Winwood High Life-G
Floyd DSOM-A
David Lee Roth 2 albums-who cares?
Triumph Allied Forces-A,Rock n Roll Machine-VG
Steve Miller GH74-78-G
GnR Appetite-A
Judas Priest British Steel-G,Ram it down-G,Point of entry-A
Yes-Big Generator-G
Deep Purple Fireball-A/P,Machine Head-P(complete w/ 1973 oil smears on cover)
Kingdom Come(zep clone)-G
Robert Palmer Heavy Nova-G
Aerosmith Pump-A
Colin James Sudden stop-G
Boston Stage three-A,debut-A
Nazereth Razzamanaz-P
Tom Petty Full moon fever-G
Jackson Browne Running on Empty-G/A
Zappa in New York-A/P
Jesus Christ Superstar-P

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Well, sheeeeet!
Rewired the speakers a little bit, ran 'em too long and...poop!

This is your brain on Rotel!. to the city, and the electronics depot(gawd I love that place), to return with this!

The big ol' ceramic resistor in similar 3.3ohm value!

(That'll show em')

Big enuff?

You Betcha!

Just add...

New board and resistor, along with the original board for the XO for bass, and...

Voila! New treble XO ready to go!

Who's yo' Daddy?!

Does it work?

Dunno...hold please.

(humm the music from 'Jeopardy') (patented, just not by us)

Once again, the legal minds of GWNA have circumvented the legal process to make our reality yours, too!

Our legal team...

And this was in June!

So...reass emble the bits, and...

It is alive!!!
Al is well in GWNAland!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Tired of the old bird bath?

Well guess what? SO ARE THE BIRDS!

Tired of flying and bombing fancy-schmantzy spas that the people do!

Well no more, demanding a higher quality place in all the emails received from birds, and a huge demand from avian fans everywhere, we here at GWNA sprung into action to produce...

The crowigula!

Baths at their best for our avain guests!

No more stupid fluttering in the cold water!

No more flying away wet!

Ohhhh No!

because this little honey will keep em' a comin' back all year!

Fully loaded, this is a bird paradise!

With 300 watts of ripple and massage action, the little cuties will hang around like kids at a mall!(but cleaner), and don't bum change.

The secret? Wellll it's all in the blow dry!

See here, the patent pending, portblo pneumatic dryer for the little cuties!

Devilishly simple in it's design, warsh one whilst drying the previous!


You Betcha!. But wait!(gawd how much more could there be)?

Cold water will not do for the little darlin's.

This baby has the (optional), tweeter heeter!

An electrostatically shielded, piezo powered independant unit to provide hours of comfort for the guests here!(pics to follow), keep y'all coming back no?

Watch for further releases from the Great White North Audio company!

We make the new stuff!(Why the hell would anybody else)?

Brought to you by the audiobon society.

And this shit.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Excuse the construction, redoing the room(ok like for 2 yrs!)

But time on the road makes for short weekends.

Here is the front view.

These are the PSB Stratus Silver fronts.

Had them for 7 yrs, bought as demo's from a long gone dealer.

View of the binding posts of the Stratus.

The century 200c1 center channel. My favorite speaker ever owned. The twin drivers(5 1/4") are the best small drivers for my taste. I tried to get them in case lots to build my own speakers...unobtainable. Oh well.

The rears are the oldest of all, the PSB labelled as 'the amaxing Alpha' and aptly named. These little guys stood as my fronts in the apartment, no sub, and worked beautifully. Man I see I gotta get the vaccum cleaner and pull out the dust cover. Doh! Never noticed.

Dog must have had his snoot in there.

I know...they are cheap, had em for years.

2x these subs are nothing to scoff at though, just bass, not high fidelity, but rattle the dishes upstairs, knocking one of Helen's plates off the rack. Oops! Plate ordered from Daulton as a replacement, rush delivery. Forgiven.(I do love her so). Plates now held down with stik-tak.

And they are only powered by

The trusty old Technics SA-G76, rated at 150w x2..uh huh. It was a workhorse for years, but couldnt run the Silvers, would shut down.


In comes the H/K avr 55. Worked well for a long time, but always seemed a bit low on power for Van Halen. So....

The Rotel 985 amp. 110x5 (all channels driven) @8 ohm, ahhh...205wpc(all driven @4 ohm).


Pioneer DV578A player.DTS SACD, DVDA, and all the other letters.

Dual 505 turntable, Ortofon 20 cartridge(vintage), and handmade interconnects with gold connectors, silver soldered and bonded.

The other end of the room.

Ludwig, Sabian, Rocker kick and monster sticks.

Thank-you for visiting Great White North Audio.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Welcome to pt2 from GWNA!
If you are here, you must be looking for the release of the WTF?mk1.

Here we will follow the finish of this audio odyssey, and introduce you to the miriad option here in the GWN!

Here is the propriapory inside look at the WTF.

Also, the first look at our cabinetry propriatary technology we call HMG!(never before seen) Very touchy to work with, very dangerous to human hands!(may burn)!

Final ass emmbly includes the rear overhang, (a production first) where rear overhang makes way for the sealed wire rear(or optional high tension connects) for easy mounting.

After cabinet closure, the ass embly is inspected, and checked for correct adhesive overlap(crirical).

After acceptance, they go to testing in the 'chamber of death', for a quick workout.

And the completed WTF? is all ready. Dont know for what,,,but ready.

But wait..there's more!

For the enviorenmentally concious, we also will soon be offering the 'green" version of a special WTF? !

We call it the 'tweeter', and it will entice and excite your ears as well as your heart!

Lookie see!

We are considerate here at GWNA, as we live with(and sometimes eat) the creatures around us!


You betcha, see how it fits in the palm of your hand!

Coming soon... the ultra sonic bird bath, the 'ULTRA' Giraffe sonic experience, and the Vegan get even sound system, all here in GWNA Extras!

Stay tuned.

Welcome to Great White Audio.

This the launch of our premiere product, with hints of things to follow, enticing, no?

Our WTF?mk1 will lead you to our flagship lines(soon to fallow, er, follow), and head you into audio Nyrvana(the original is copyright).

Without further adieu, we present the WTF? series leader.

As you can see, the WTF is of rigid and sturdy construction. Composed of NASA Grade materials, it is seen here in Plywood applique, for security reasons.(courtesy NASA) (non advisable stupid assemblers) Notice the robust gusseting, crirical in the assembly and performance of the WTF?.

The next phase is the assembly of the face plate/driver presentation. The carefully, hand-recovered componants are dutifully tested and delivered to assembly. All componants are checked to be sure that the smoke inside the capacitors are still sealed with paint.

Here you can see the 'clean sweep ' port, completed on the faceplate. Years of hard hand labour went into the port material and design, mostly by my lovely wife Helen(pic at end), and is again, propriatory.Further pics of the face plate and port.

Cooker supplied by Amana.(all rights reserved)

All sideplaes are ass embled, while wiring is completed on the driver. Note the bi-directional wiring of the main driver, (propriatory) , the left is wired to the main term, the right is wired in remote. This is our satellite wiring procedure, never before seen.

Our pieces of art are taken yet a step further, with insulating properties never tried before, and quite Frankabelally, are astounding. Rather Cracking.

The technology is rather secret, as well as patented(not by us) and is capable of providing the cleanest sparkling sound of all our products in waiting.

The damping factor is way above curtains and will, well, leave you looking for a spot of anything.

The finish, I gurantee you will be worth the wait, my eager friends.

For now, GWNA leaving you hanging, like a cheap Dynasty episode, or Fonz over the shark tank.