Thursday, November 03, 2005

Excuse the construction, redoing the room(ok like for 2 yrs!)

But time on the road makes for short weekends.

Here is the front view.

These are the PSB Stratus Silver fronts.

Had them for 7 yrs, bought as demo's from a long gone dealer.

View of the binding posts of the Stratus.

The century 200c1 center channel. My favorite speaker ever owned. The twin drivers(5 1/4") are the best small drivers for my taste. I tried to get them in case lots to build my own speakers...unobtainable. Oh well.

The rears are the oldest of all, the PSB labelled as 'the amaxing Alpha' and aptly named. These little guys stood as my fronts in the apartment, no sub, and worked beautifully. Man I see I gotta get the vaccum cleaner and pull out the dust cover. Doh! Never noticed.

Dog must have had his snoot in there.

I know...they are cheap, had em for years.

2x these subs are nothing to scoff at though, just bass, not high fidelity, but rattle the dishes upstairs, knocking one of Helen's plates off the rack. Oops! Plate ordered from Daulton as a replacement, rush delivery. Forgiven.(I do love her so). Plates now held down with stik-tak.

And they are only powered by

The trusty old Technics SA-G76, rated at 150w x2..uh huh. It was a workhorse for years, but couldnt run the Silvers, would shut down.


In comes the H/K avr 55. Worked well for a long time, but always seemed a bit low on power for Van Halen. So....

The Rotel 985 amp. 110x5 (all channels driven) @8 ohm, ahhh...205wpc(all driven @4 ohm).


Pioneer DV578A player.DTS SACD, DVDA, and all the other letters.

Dual 505 turntable, Ortofon 20 cartridge(vintage), and handmade interconnects with gold connectors, silver soldered and bonded.

The other end of the room.

Ludwig, Sabian, Rocker kick and monster sticks.

Thank-you for visiting Great White North Audio.


Blogger Helen said...

So much nice stuff ya got there, my darling audiogeek. Should be in a nicely finished room. Hint, hint. Good post!

geek: A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits(and knitting is technology in a purely simplistic form)

4:15 PM


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