Friday, November 04, 2005

Tired of the old bird bath?

Well guess what? SO ARE THE BIRDS!

Tired of flying and bombing fancy-schmantzy spas that the people do!

Well no more, demanding a higher quality place in all the emails received from birds, and a huge demand from avian fans everywhere, we here at GWNA sprung into action to produce...

The crowigula!

Baths at their best for our avain guests!

No more stupid fluttering in the cold water!

No more flying away wet!

Ohhhh No!

because this little honey will keep em' a comin' back all year!

Fully loaded, this is a bird paradise!

With 300 watts of ripple and massage action, the little cuties will hang around like kids at a mall!(but cleaner), and don't bum change.

The secret? Wellll it's all in the blow dry!

See here, the patent pending, portblo pneumatic dryer for the little cuties!

Devilishly simple in it's design, warsh one whilst drying the previous!


You Betcha!. But wait!(gawd how much more could there be)?

Cold water will not do for the little darlin's.

This baby has the (optional), tweeter heeter!

An electrostatically shielded, piezo powered independant unit to provide hours of comfort for the guests here!(pics to follow), keep y'all coming back no?

Watch for further releases from the Great White North Audio company!

We make the new stuff!(Why the hell would anybody else)?

Brought to you by the audiobon society.

And this shit.


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