Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Welcome to Great White Audio.

This the launch of our premiere product, with hints of things to follow, enticing, no?

Our WTF?mk1 will lead you to our flagship lines(soon to fallow, er, follow), and head you into audio Nyrvana(the original is copyright).

Without further adieu, we present the WTF? series leader.

As you can see, the WTF is of rigid and sturdy construction. Composed of NASA Grade materials, it is seen here in Plywood applique, for security reasons.(courtesy NASA) (non advisable stupid assemblers) Notice the robust gusseting, crirical in the assembly and performance of the WTF?.

The next phase is the assembly of the face plate/driver presentation. The carefully, hand-recovered componants are dutifully tested and delivered to assembly. All componants are checked to be sure that the smoke inside the capacitors are still sealed with paint.

Here you can see the 'clean sweep ' port, completed on the faceplate. Years of hard hand labour went into the port material and design, mostly by my lovely wife Helen(pic at end), and is again, propriatory.Further pics of the face plate and port.

Cooker supplied by Amana.(all rights reserved)

All sideplaes are ass embled, while wiring is completed on the driver. Note the bi-directional wiring of the main driver, (propriatory) , the left is wired to the main term, the right is wired in remote. This is our satellite wiring procedure, never before seen.

Our pieces of art are taken yet a step further, with insulating properties never tried before, and quite Frankabelally, are astounding. Rather Cracking.

The technology is rather secret, as well as patented(not by us) and is capable of providing the cleanest sparkling sound of all our products in waiting.

The damping factor is way above curtains and will, well, leave you looking for a spot of anything.

The finish, I gurantee you will be worth the wait, my eager friends.

For now, GWNA leaving you hanging, like a cheap Dynasty episode, or Fonz over the shark tank.


Blogger Helen said...

Toooo funny hunny! WTF? is most impressive. Obviously, you've thought long and hard on the precise materials to provide the structural integrity required for the finished product. Who is that colourful character behind WTF? on the workbench. And where TF is the pic of said "wife"?
Waiting for updates!

4:06 PM


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