Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Welcome to pt2 from GWNA!
If you are here, you must be looking for the release of the WTF?mk1.

Here we will follow the finish of this audio odyssey, and introduce you to the miriad option here in the GWN!

Here is the propriapory inside look at the WTF.

Also, the first look at our cabinetry propriatary technology we call HMG!(never before seen) Very touchy to work with, very dangerous to human hands!(may burn)!

Final ass emmbly includes the rear overhang, (a production first) where rear overhang makes way for the sealed wire rear(or optional high tension connects) for easy mounting.

After cabinet closure, the ass embly is inspected, and checked for correct adhesive overlap(crirical).

After acceptance, they go to testing in the 'chamber of death', for a quick workout.

And the completed WTF? is all ready. Dont know for what,,,but ready.

But wait..there's more!

For the enviorenmentally concious, we also will soon be offering the 'green" version of a special WTF? !

We call it the 'tweeter', and it will entice and excite your ears as well as your heart!

Lookie see!

We are considerate here at GWNA, as we live with(and sometimes eat) the creatures around us!


You betcha, see how it fits in the palm of your hand!

Coming soon... the ultra sonic bird bath, the 'ULTRA' Giraffe sonic experience, and the Vegan get even sound system, all here in GWNA Extras!

Stay tuned.


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