Saturday, November 12, 2005

Well, sheeeeet!
Rewired the speakers a little bit, ran 'em too long and...poop!

This is your brain on Rotel!. to the city, and the electronics depot(gawd I love that place), to return with this!

The big ol' ceramic resistor in similar 3.3ohm value!

(That'll show em')

Big enuff?

You Betcha!

Just add...

New board and resistor, along with the original board for the XO for bass, and...

Voila! New treble XO ready to go!

Who's yo' Daddy?!

Does it work?

Dunno...hold please.

(humm the music from 'Jeopardy') (patented, just not by us)

Once again, the legal minds of GWNA have circumvented the legal process to make our reality yours, too!

Our legal team...

And this was in June!

So...reass emble the bits, and...

It is alive!!!
Al is well in GWNAland!


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