Friday, March 24, 2006

Albums: rated G(Good), A(Average) and P(Poor)
Queen 2-A
A night at the opera(2 copies) P and G
The Game-A
Greatest hits-G
Sheer heart attack-P
A day at the races-A

Gracve under pressure(2 copies) G and A
A show of hands-G
Exit stage left(2 copies)-G, VG
Caress of steel-G
A farewell to Kings-G
Moving Pictures(collectors) -G
Power windoes-G
Hold your fire-G

Dirty deeds-A
Blow up your video-G
Back in black-G

Mellencamp Scarecrow-G
Mellencamp Jubilee-G
Toronto :Head on-G, Get it on credit-G, Greatest hits-G
The cult Electric(with born to be wild)-G
Cheap trick self titled-G
Clapton Journeyman-G
VH2-G, 1984-A,
Def Lappard Hysteria-G, Pyromania-G
Styx crystal ball-A,Equinox-G/P,Pieces of Eight-G
Kim Mitchell (5 song mini-awesome)-G,Shakin like a human being-G
April Wine Harder Faster-G,
Star Wars-A
Gene Loves Jezebel(early black crowes)-G
Gord Lightfoot Summertime dream(wreck of the EF)-G
Chilliwack Lights from the Valley-G,Breakdown in paradise-G,
Robert Plant Now and Zen-G
Steve Winwood High Life-G
Floyd DSOM-A
David Lee Roth 2 albums-who cares?
Triumph Allied Forces-A,Rock n Roll Machine-VG
Steve Miller GH74-78-G
GnR Appetite-A
Judas Priest British Steel-G,Ram it down-G,Point of entry-A
Yes-Big Generator-G
Deep Purple Fireball-A/P,Machine Head-P(complete w/ 1973 oil smears on cover)
Kingdom Come(zep clone)-G
Robert Palmer Heavy Nova-G
Aerosmith Pump-A
Colin James Sudden stop-G
Boston Stage three-A,debut-A
Nazereth Razzamanaz-P
Tom Petty Full moon fever-G
Jackson Browne Running on Empty-G/A
Zappa in New York-A/P
Jesus Christ Superstar-P


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